checker plate

Sheet metal is an important material in several industrial applications, thanks to its distinctive combination of durability and safety. This type of plate is characterized by a regular pattern of raised grooves or diamonds on its surface, which provides increased friction and prevents slipping.
These sheets are usually made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel and come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your specific needs. The non-slip surface, along with its robustness and durability, make colander an excellent choice for a range of applications, including floors in industrial facilities, steps, bridges, and vehicle bodies.

Vad Kan Huddinge Stål Göra

Checker plate is flexible when it comes to design and layout.

We at Huddinge stål offer quality assignments in cutting, welding and painting checker plates. the checker plate is cut using band saws and circular saws. We have optically controlled cutting machines that enable finely cut details.

We deliver forged blanks in various shapes and qualities. We cut, and cut, to the measurements and angles you need. We also offer welding of checkered plates according to your wishes.

At Huddinge stål, we have access to IWS competence for welding supervision for EXC2 fully in accordance with SS EN 1090-2. We also paint constructions with a length of up to 22 meters and a width of up to 4 meters. The painting takes place in Huddinge and we do both base painting and varnishing, class 1 to 5.

Checker Plate Aluminium

Aluminum checker plate has the advantage that it has excellent protection against corrosive environments. The downside is that aluminum is not as strong or robust as steel.

Checker plate steel

Steel checker plate has the advantage that it is resistant to mechanical stress. The disadvantage is that it is not as corrosion resistant as, for example, aluminium.