​​​​​​​corten sheet

Corten sheet is a rust-resistant sheet that creates a protective layer of rust when exposed to moisture, which contributes to its long life and durability. This layering of rust makes the steel more resistant to further rust formation
Corten, also known as COR-TEN, got its name thanks to its good corrosion resistance (CORrosion resistance) and high breaking point (TENsile strength). Corten sheet consists of, among other things, copper, nickel, chrome and phosphorus, which give the sheet its sought-after properties.
Corten sheet is a versatile sheet that is often used for outdoor use in gardens as flower beds and for other aesthetic purposes.

what can huddinge stål do?

Corten sheet is flexible when it comes to design and construction.

We at Huddinge stål offer quality assignments in cutting, bending and welding of corten sheet. The Corten sheet is cut using band saws and circular saws. We have optically controlled cutting machines that enable finely cut details.

We cut, to the measurements and angles you need. We also offer welding of corten sheet according to your wishes. At Huddinge stål, we have access to IWS competence for welding supervision for EXC2 fully in accordance with SS EN 1090-2.

We also paint constructions with a length of up to 22 meters and a width of up to 4 meters. The painting takes place in Huddinge and we do both base painting and varnishing, class 1 to 5. ​​​​​​​

Corten sheet price? Is Corten sheet expensive?

Corten sheet contains copper, chromium, manganese and nickel. The composition of the steel makes corten sheet a relatively expensive but maintenance-free and very durable material.