expanded metal

Expanded metal is used for everything from shielding and handicap ramps to facade decoration and anti-slip protection. If nothing else, you've probably seen it at the public barbecue areas at swimming areas, as the grill grate is usually made of expanded metal.​​​​​​​

Expanded metal fits in these areas of use thanks to the fact that it is durable, malleable and basically maintenance-free. It can also be used in most environments. It is made by cutting into a steel plate which is then pulled out to form the mesh.

expanded metal steel

Expanded metal is usually made of steel, it provides good enough mechanical properties for most applications at a reasonable price.

expanded metal stainless steel

Expanded metal of stainless steel is used when there are higher requirements for strength and/or corrosion resistance.

expanded metal aluminium

Expanded metal is also available in aluminium, which provides a lighter and corrosion-resistant alternative