Rebar are fundamental components of modern building construction, especially when it comes to concrete work. Rebar consist of connected steel bars and act as a skeleton within a concrete structure, increasing its strength and stability
Rebar plays a crucial role in improving the strength and durability of concrete. They help prevent cracking and deformation that can be caused by thermal changes, loading and other stress factors.

​​​​​​​ Huddinge Stål offers a wide range of sizes and patterns that we can adapt to your needs, giving you the flexibility to construct an option that best suits your project.

Rebar dimensions

Rebar is available in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the area of ​​use. The most common sizes are 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm. Size refers here to the thickness of the irons.

rebar 6 mm 

This rebar is often suitable for smaller projects such as sidewalks, stone stairs, thin concrete floors and other smaller constructions. They are also good to use to reinforce concrete walls in houses.

rebar 8 mm 

This rebar is a little stronger and is usually used in medium-sized projects. For example, it can be used in thicker concrete floors, foundations for smaller buildings, concrete roads and bridges.

rebar 10 mm

This rebar is strong and durable, and it is often used in larger and more demanding projects. It is suitable for use in larger building foundations, bridge structures, concrete walls in industrial buildings, parking garages and other heavily loaded structures.

Types of rebar

Rebar with the designations 5150, 6150 and 8150 refer to specific types of reinforcing mats, where the numbers indicate the dimensions and distance between the reinforcing bars. The first number is the same as the dimensions above and refers to the thickness of the iron in mm. The three numbers after that refer to the distance between the irons.

rebar 5150

This rebar is 5 mm thick. The numbers "150" refer to the distance in millimeters between each bar, both lengthwise and widthwise. This means that there is a distance of 150 mm between each bar.

rebar 6150

This rebar has bars that are 6mm thick, with a distance of 150mm between each bar both lengthwise and widthwise.

rebar 7150

This rebar has bars that are 7mm thick, with a distance of 150mm between each bar both lengthwise and widthwise.

rebar 8150

This rebar has bars that are 8 mm thick, and the distance between each bar in length and width is 150 mm.