A T-bar, also known as a T-profile, T-beam, or T-steel, is a common component in the construction industry. In the industry, T-bars are primarily used in smaller structures such as trusses. Its characteristic T-shaped cross-section provides it with both stability and versatility for various applications.
T-bars are usually made of materials such as steel or aluminum and is available from us in different dimensions and thicknesses and can be tailored to your specific project needs. Its unique design with a horizontal flange and a vertical web allows for easy attachment and use in various structures and joints.
In the construction industry, T-bars are often used to create frameworks, beams, support structures, and reinforcement of various building elements. Additionally, T-bar is useful in manufacturing machine components, transportation equipment, and other industrial applications where high strength and stability are required.

t-bar table

T-stång Tabell

t-bar dimensions


T-bars are flexible in terms of design and layout.

At Huddinge Steel, we offer quality assignments in cutting, welding, and painting of T-bars.

The T-bars are cut with the help of band saws and circular saws. We have optically controlled cutting machines that allow for finely cut details. We deliver forged items in different shapes and qualities.

We cut, and clip, to the measurements and angles that you need for your T-bars. At Huddinge Steel, we have access to IWS competence for welding supervision for EXC2 entirely in accordance with SS EN 1090-2.

We also perform painting of constructions up to 22 meters in length and 4 meters in width. The painting is done in Huddinge and we do both primer painting and varnishing, class 1 to 5.


By unequal T-steel, one refers to a T-bar with a cross-section like an unequal T.


Stainless T-bar has good weldability and formability, as well as good corrosion resistance. Huddinge Steel does not stock these but they can be ordered upon request.